Medlemsföretag - Custodian Life

Vi samarbetar med Invono AB som är ett medlemsföretag till Vill veta mer eller kanske ta del av en online presentation alternativt ett personligt möte vänligen kontakta oss!

One of the foundations of the success of Custodian Life has been the innovative and flexible approach adapted to product development. The Company’s guiding principle is to produce quality products with today’s international investor in mind.

We recognize that while international Clients have different investment aims, a common set of principles exists and these have been the driving force behind our success to date:

  • Commitment to outstanding Client servicing
  • Highly secure and reputable company with sound financial backing
  • Competitive products

Custodian Life aims to provide superior long-term investment performance and a broad range of products to suit complex investment needs. So, whatever your investment needs, managing a sophisticated portfolio or simply saving for the future – you will find solutions here.

We are striving to be the best caretaker, the best guardian, and the best keeper and protector we can be for our Policyholders, Shareholders, Employees and Officers. We aim to govern with integrity. It comes from intrinsic core values, and a cognizant choice of service over self-interest. This philosophy underpins all that we do as a Company and we call it Custodial Leadership.